Great Customer Service Drives OffLeaseOnly Used Car Sales


OffLeaseOnly Used Cars for Sale

OffLeaseOnly Used Cars for Sale

Great Customer Service Drives OffLeaseOnly Used Car Sales Through the Roof!

OffLeaseOnly Miami sales associate Moe Castaner knows what it means to work LONG hours. After all, great customer service is what drives OffLeaseOnly used car sales.

The single father worked 29 days in row to sell 50 used cars in April, making him Miami’s top seller and OffLeaseOnly’s overall top sales associate for the month. That’s dedication!!


OffLeaseOnly Miami Sales Associate Moe Castaner was Off Lease Only’s top seller for April.

His secrets to success? Multi-tasking, endless patience and very little sleep.

“Mostly it’s being here,” Castaner confessed.. “You’ve got to be here all the time and be as positive as you can and never give up.”

Company wide, OffLeaseOnly sold 2,570 used cars in April, making for another busy month, despite a shortage in the availability of right-priced used cars being sold at auction.

One reason Castaner is so successful is that he’s great at handling multiple customers simultaneously. He likens the process to a wheel with customers arranged like spokes around the center, at different stages of the buying process. His job is to keep the wheel turning steadily, and he does.

“You’ve got to have someone test- driving, someone on the computer looking at cars, someone coming out of finance and someone going into finance,” Castaner explained.

OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach sales associate Ben Goldberg is a repeat winner who attributes his continued success as a top seller to diligent follow up, great customers and easy-to-sell cars.

“One customer may be out on a test drive, one is filling out paperwork for financing and one could be picking out their car — I am able to make them all feel special,” Goldberg said. “It’s kind of like a big car-buying party every time people walk in the building.”


Ben Goldberg, OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach’s top seller for April

Goldberg said most customers aren’t bothered by OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach’s no-frills showroom with its simple furnishings. They are simply thrilled to car shop somewhere that offers good deals, straight answers and no pressure.

“Normally people are so frustrated from the typical car dealership that they find it to be a breath of fresh air,” Goldberg explained. “Rather than having to go to a place where there is the traditional dealership mentality, fancy showrooms and big markups.”

Goldberg sets high goals for himself and says he gets a lot of help from all the managers to get his job done well.

OffLeaseOnly Orlando Sales Associate Al Fernandez

Al Fernandez, OffLeaseOnly Orlando’s top seller for April

OffLeaseOnly Orlando’s top seller Al Fernandez – a four-time winner – tags his success to referrals, great customer service and a lot of hard work. Off Lease Only Orlando is the company’s newest dealership. It opened in November 2014 and has attracted crowds of eager used car buyers ever since.

Sales associates who work at OffLeaseOnly Orlando must routinely explain OffLeaseOnly’s business model to new customers who are not familiar with the Off Lease Only way of doing business, noting the lack of hidden fees and policies of no haggling and no pressure.

Fernandez says making customers aware of how OffLeaseOnly works is a huge part of everyone’s job in Orlando.

“I try to make the best use of my time,” Fernandez said. “We still have a lot of educating to do and the customers really appreciate it.”

Manuel Morales, OffLeaseOnly Out of State Sales Associate

Manuel Morales, OffLeaseOnly Out of State’s top seller for April.

OffLeaseOnly Out of State sales associate Manny Morales was April’s top seller for his department, selling 33 used cars to customers in other states. Morales was also Out of State’s top seller for March after selling 40 Off Lease Only used cars.

“It’s not hard. Just do your job, follow through, whatever you have you to do,” Morales said. “You have to put in 100 percent. I love work.”

In addition to selling lots of used cars, OffLeaseOnly sales associates also compete for the most Off Lease Only Reviews. Positive customer reviews are key to a company’s online reputation, credibility and future growth.

Shauna Welsh, a sales associate in Palm Beach, logged the most reviews of anyone at OffLeaseOnly, with an impressive 37 five-star reviews for April. Morales, of Out of State, received 27 5-star reviews and Miami’s Amy Williams logged 22 5-star reviews.

Omid Kazravan, a sales associate for OffLeaseOnly Orlando, scored the most positive customer reviews for the second month in a row in Orlando, logging an impressive 34 5-star reviews for April from customers who love his service.

OffLeaseOnly Sales Associate Shauna Welsh

Shauna Welsh, OffLeaseOnly’s most reviewed sales associate for April

“I provide the best customer service I can show them,” Kazravan said. “I show customers they are not just a dollar sign but a human being. I don’t look at them as clients, I look at them as guests in my home.”

It was Kazravan’s second month in a row to shine. In March, the fledgling employee received an astounding 41 5-star customer reviews, setting a company standard for excellence.

A recent article in Auto Remarketing noted that 87 percent of used car buyers first research their purchases on social media. Online review sites were also rated as the go-to source that most influences an individual’s used car purchase and are also one of the most used for research, second only to family and friends.

Kazravan said when he’s at work at OffLeaseOnly Orlando, he isn’t just selling cars. He’s selling himself.

OffLeaseOnly Sales Associate Omid Kazravan

Omid Kazravan, OffLeaseOnly Orlando’s most reviewed sales associate for April

“A customer might solely buy because of you,” Kazravan noted. “You have to make the customer feel really good about themselves.”

Kazravan’s goal for May: 50 positive reviews!

Stay tuned!

Other top sellers for April include the following:

Lake Worth: Tolgar Caliskan, 37 used cars; Juan Palacios, 35.5 used cars; Russ Cosolito, 33 used cars; Mike Bafumo, 32.5 used cars.

Miami: Wilfredo Novoa, 41 used cars; Athalie Meza, 35 used cars; Amy Williams, 33.5 used cars; Frank Ortiz, 33 used cars; Rodny Fernandez, 33 used cars.

Orlando: Tony Long, 34 used cars; Jamel George, 31.5 used cars; Abner Garcia, 30 used cars; Erick Baum, 30 used cars.

Out of State: Gerardin Coq, 23 used cars; Mark Moore, 23 used cars; Tony Garrilli, 22 used cars; Steve “Happy” Gilmour, 22 used cars.

To further assist customers in their used car buying experience, Off Lease Only has launched a NEW OffLeaseOnly Reviews Site which aggregates reviews from YelpGoogleEdmundsCars.comDealerRater and OffLeaseOnly in one convenient location. The purpose of the site is to make it even easier for potential customers to read reviews and find out what the experience is like first hand from our customers.

Stop in to one of Off Lease Only four locations and drive home your next beautiful used car today!

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OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach

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