Extended Service Agreement Available with Disappearing Deductible


Extended Service Agreement Available with Disappearing Deductible

An OffLeaseOnly Extended Service Agreement lends a lot of peace of mind to your used car buying experience.

Extended Service Agreement

OffLeaseOnly Extended Service Agreements give additional peace of mind to your used car buying experience and now come with a disappearing deductible option as of June 1st, 2016!

As of June 1st, 2016, OffLeaseOnly is extremely excited to announce an even more attractive option for those looking for security after the sale.

Now you can purchase an extended service agreement with a DISAPPEARING DEDUCTIBLE good up to 7 years/ 150,000 miles from your date of purchase!

What is a Disappearing Deductible?

It’s just like it sounds!

Extended Service Agreement

As of June 1st, 2016 OffLeaseOnly and Pep Boys offer a Disappearing Deductible option on Extended Service Agreements up to 7 years and/or 150,000 miles from your date of purchase!

When it comes time to utilize your extended service agreement, simply take your used car to a Pep Boys location near you, and your deductible will be waived. It’s really that simple.

“Pep Boys is the perfect option for OffLeaseOnly because they have about 800 locations nationwide. This adds a whole new level of comfort and convenience when purchasing a used car from anywhere in the United States,” said owner Mark Fischer.

OffLeaseOnly’s team is always looking for unique solutions to make buying a used car from OffLeaseOnly even more attractive to local out of state customers.

Ship a Car with OffLeaseOnly Today

Shipping a car out of state and being able to get your extended service agreement fulfilled at any Pep Boys with a $0 deductible makes out of saving thousands from anywhere in the country even more attractive!

“Why should used car shoppers in Atlanta, Houston or San Francisco pay thousands more for a quality used car when they can utilize our new Ship A Car feature and experience peace of mind when getting reputable warranty work done at a Pep Boys location close by with no money out of pocket,” Fischer said passionately.

The Disappearing Deductible is just another step in the evolution of OffLeaseOnly catering to out of area customers that deserve to save thousands on their dream used car.

OffLeaseOnly’s famous slogan “Don’t Pay More” was created by Fischer when he first started. The prices at OffLeaseOnly and the dedication to customer satisfaction will always be the driving force behind OffLeaseOnly’s success.

Pep Boys has approximately 800 locations nationwide ready and excited to help OffLeaseOnly customers when the time comes for warranty work.

Need a used car?

Start shopping thousands of beautiful OffLeaseOnly used cars for sale online, get pre-qualified for car financing and inquire about extended service agreement options from the comfort of your computer. And of course, remember that as of June 1st, 2016, extended service agreement’s at OffLeaseOnly will be better than ever with a Disappearing Deductible option!

Simply ask your finance manager about the Disappearing Deductible option on an OffLeaseOnly extended service agreement and experience a whole new level of security after the sale.

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